Career Coach Office Hours: April 2 2024

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter


Usually, the show is live however this was pre-recorded because I am on vacation. If you have questions for next week’s show, message them to me at I’ll answer them live on April 9.

I answered:

When you’re in a job interview, how would you compliment any company?

Do companies still check references before hiring employees or is it just a formality?

How can LinkedIn be used effectively for networking with companies and recruiters?

Is it difficult to reach out through LinkedIn?

A recruiter sent me a message in LinkedIn to set a call meeting to discuss the position I gave them time to call me, however, they did not call me back. Am I wrong? I gave a specific time to call? What should I send them as a gentle reminder?

What is the significance of listing the university attended on a résumé or LinkedIn profile? Is it necessary to list the major(s) earned there as well?

If HR says “we look forward to having you on board” via email after my final interview, does this mean I have a good chance of getting a job offer? They also asked for my references and current pay slips.

How can you persuade an employer who is not interested in interviewing or hiring you to consider you for a job position advertised on their website and LinkedIn profile?

Is it advisable to give recommendations on LinkedIn? Are there any potential penalties or negative effects on our profile if we choose not to recommend others?

How would you craft a LinkedIn connection request message to a recruiter for a job you’re interested in?

If you were interviewed for a job by multiple people at the same time, should you send everyone a follow-up email?

If I was not asked to bring a CV, should I still bring it to the interview?


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