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Resume Writers: There IS a secret sauce to successfully and repeatedly closing 3- to 4-figure professional resume writing packages with clients of ALL levels.

To get there, you must throw out whatever you think you know about selling as this service is unlike other professions where, “No one cares how you do it, just what it will do for them”.

Yes, results ARE critical. But unfortunately, job seekers are trained from the moment they begin considering employment opportunities that THEY ARE THE BEST PERSON TO WRITE THEIR RESUME! (We know what bad advice that is!)

When they come to you for professional assistance, they DO NOT KNOW this is more than just a fancy typing and layout process which can frequently lead to…

STICKER SHOCK along with the belief that this service is a LUXURY THEY CAN’T AFFORD. (Why should they since they clearly know they can do it themselves?).


Without some kind of strategy, you likely lose them and are left wondering why.

The good news is that when you alter your consultation process to one of educating your prospects with some simple, painless strategies, you will move them from the polar opposites of “Do it yourself” and “luxury I can’t afford” to a hunger, need for, and trust in your services.

That’s how I was closing 94-97% of my $1200+ packages to clients of all levels in 1996 and how I have helped hundreds of resume writers and career coaches to do the same in the last 20 years. Today many of those packages roll in at about $2000-3500+.

And you can use this process too!

In fact, here’s one of my favorite member quotes on the subject of this process:

I tried your 97% close rate script and it was like some kind of magic. I went into the spiel with the prospect, “3 different audiences, keywords, etc”.

I described my packages (which thanks to you are now delineated and a choice between “Yes” and “Yes” instead of between “Yes” and some other writer) and pitched them $300 higher than previously. He acted like he couldn’t get out his credit card fast enough; like he was afraid I would go away.

He tried to give me his credit card while driving! In the past they used to tell me they were driving as a way to get off the phone. But, by using your tried-and-true method, driving was not an object, it’s like I was giving away gold.

So give this video just six (6) minutes to show you how to make this powerful and profitable shift. (You can also read the transcript and access additional resources below).

Watch the Video

Video Transcript

Tell me if you can relate to this:

Job seekers comes to you and they say, “Oh, I know I could do it myself if I just had the time, but anyway, you know all the right words and page layout. So I figured it was just better to hire a professional.”

Now, you’re hearing they value you as a professional.

But they’re thinking, “This is a DIY project, so how much could this professional service cost? I’m betting it’s $19.95, $99, $199.”

So, when you jump from the do it yourself mentality that they come in with, and you go straight to, you know, your little bit of consultation: “How did you find me, why are you here, what have you tried so far? Goals, all the normal stuff.”

But if you don’t have anything else in there in that gap during your consultation, and now you’re quoting them this price that’s $600, $800, $1,500 just for the resume….

Even if you’re only quoting $300, you’re likely going to get pushback because they’re thinking,

“Oh wow, that’s a luxury. That’s ridiculous. That’s not at all what I was expecting for somebody to just type my resume up on their word processor and make it look fancy like.”

I know I’m pushing the limit on how I’m presenting that, but really that is what you have to understand, that almost all job seekers are taught from the minute they enter any kind of professional realm that they are the best person to write their resume.

Yet we know they’re the worst person to write their resume.

So how can you get them from DIY mentality to this is not a luxury, it is an absolutely have to, must have service?

That is all in how you frame your consultation.

With my clients, I had a 94-97% close rate for complete packages.

We’re talking, the last time I did this… Well, the last time I did this for myself was 2005. I’ve been training resume writers and career coaches ever since that. But, in 1996 is when I really cracked the code on this and started closing 94-97% of my prospects of all levels and ages on $1,200 plus packages.

So that tells me right there, there’s a system and a solution that works.

It’s not hard. It’s really just two key pieces:

One, you use edu-fearacating.

Edu-fearacating is where you help your client see that it’s not a do-it-yourself project.

You walk them through what their resume is going to deal with, once it leaves their hands, even if they’ve networked it into the right person’s possession.

We know that resume has to have ATS, keywords, keyword phrases. We know it has to be eye-appealing. We know it can’t just tell, it has to sell with challenges, actions, results, and metrics. And it should sometimes be graphic enhanced to stand out.

In any case, that resume has got to do a lot of things our clients don’t know how to do.

So, if you just talk to them about the three prospective audiences, how their resume is reviewed, you’re going to start making them realize, “I don’t know how to do those things”.

Second piece is show and tell.

You’ll be using screen sharing in your consult, when you’re not face-to-face, which most of us are virtual today.

With screen sharing, you’re going to then show testimonials. The testimonials you should be listing, should be very heavily metrics focused.

In other words, they should be the results testimonials and not just the, “I’m so happy I used your service” testimonials.

If you don’t know how to collect those, CDI members have access to our testimonial lesson which will teach you how to get your clients to give you their rock-solid, results-focused testimonials.

So now when they see these results, your prospects will think, “I’ve never had results like that. I want to have success like that.”

Now they’re more trusting you can do something for them they can’t do for themselves.

Then you show them your samples — sample resumes. For coaches it could be some kind of infographic or chart showing them how the process goes; some kind of visual that also, again, widens that gap and helps them see they can’t do this themselves.

So again, samples are really critical.

Finally you’re just going into, “This is the package I recommend for you”.

I’ve got videos on packages you can check out and how to do all your a la carte pricing to make your packages look appealing.

But what’s critical here is you have got to not just assume they know what the service is worth. You’ve got to position them into it with some edu-fearacating and some show and tell.

So, go on out there and change your consults up to see how well this can work for you.

The average CDI member who uses this methodology gets clients buying their services at double and triple their prices, eager to pay them.

It really does work!

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