8 Household Chores You Probably Forgot to Do

8 Household Chores You Probably Forgot to Do

Guest Post by Sarah Mueller of Early Bird Mom. Thank you Sarah! 

It’s easy to see when the dishes need washing or it’s time to do laundry, but there are plenty of other household chores that need to be done regularly, that aren’t always so obvious.

Take a look at this list of 8 household chores you probably forgot to do and see if there are any that you need to do.

8 Household Chores You Probably Forgot to Do

Clean the dryer vent

You know that little filter in the front of your dryer where all the lint collects? That’s the one. This job should be done after every load of laundry. Your laundry will dry faster and you’ll prevent a fire hazard. Kids actually love to do this job – you can make it part of their household chores schedule.

However you do it, make sure it’s done at least a couple times a week as part of your laundry routine. 

Clean the dryer vent that leads OUTside the house

Did you know that your dryer vents hot air to the outside? This vent can get clogged up with lint the same way the smaller vent does. This vent should be cleaned AT LEAST once a year, and maybe more, often depending on how much laundry you do.

This is a pretty easy job to do, but it might be a bit messy. If you don’t know how to do this job, just Google for instructions for your particular appliance.

Clean the coils on your fridge

You’ll probably never notice that this job needs to be done until you take a closer look. The coils on your fridge might be on the back or on the bottom. Over time, they collect dust and dirt. With dirty coils, your fridge will have to work harder and use more energy to keep your food cold.

If the coils are on the back of the fridge, unplug first for safety, and pull it away from the wall to get to the coils. If they’re on the bottom, you might have to remove a panel to get at the coils. Grab a vacuum with a hose and suck that dirt right off! Your fridge will have to run less frequently, saving you money on electricity.

Clean your vacuum filter

Ewww – this job is just gross, but somehow very satisfying to me. I guess that’s because vacuuming is just about my favorite household chore. My current vacuum is a bagless model and we empty the compartment after every use. I cannot believe how much dust it sucks up.

If you have a vacuum with a bag, empty it every few months or when you start to notice a decrease in suction. Don’t forget to check your other vacuum filters – you might also have an air filter or two that need cleaning every couple months.

Clean your oven

This is one job that’s easy to neglect but ignoring it can have disastrous results. My mom once had an oven fire (thankfully it was easily extinguished) after some grease spilled in her oven.

Clean your oven whenever you notice a lot of build-up in your oven or if it smokes during cooking. And don’t bother with noxious oven cleaners – most ovens have a self-clean cycle which will take care of all that burnt on food and grease. Just make sure to do it during a time you’ll be home and keep the windows open if possible. It may get smoky in the kitchen.

Speaking of preventing fires, did you know that your batteries can cause a fire. Check out this video here, on how to store them so they won’t cause a fire!

Vacuum under your beds and couches

How does it get so dusty under there? I have no idea, but it’s a job that needs to be done a couple times a year and one of the super easy household chores for kids to do. While you’re at it, let the kids pile up the cushions and vacuum the lining of the couch, too. 

Bonus – when you do this, the rest of the house stays cleaner, too, at least for a little while.

Wash your comforters and pillows

This is the perfect spring cleaning job. Those pillows and blankets need freshening up after a long winter. Dust mites and stains accumulate over time.  Your beds will feel much fresher after a thorough cleaning.

Washing pillows and comforters is especially important if you have a family member allergic to dust mites. Here’s how to save money in the laundry room on all your laundry.

Clean your dishwasher

You’d think that something that is used for cleaning wouldn’t get dirty, but dishwashers can get downright awful! If you start to notice some build-up on the walls or on your dishes, see if a filter is clogged. How to do this task will depend greatly on your model of dishwasher so ask Google for instructions. Some dishwashers even have a filter in the bottom that needs to be cleaned up a couple times a year.

Cleaning the dishwasher is probably the messiest job of all, but once it’s done, your dishes will come a lot cleaner. Avoid this job and you might end up with expensive dishwasher repairs.

None of these jobs on the household chores list are much fun, but putting them on your rota and doing them makes for a much nicer and more pleasant house. I’m all for that! If you’re looking to keep your home cleaner, WITHOUT cleaning MORE, check out my post here, 6 Easy Ways to Keep Your House Cleaner, Without Cleaning More.

If you’re looking for a set of printables to organize your entire home, here’s a great one!

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