72+ NEW LinkedIn Feature(s) Captured in the Wild in 2024

72+ NEW LinkedIn Feature(s) Captured in the Wild in 2024

Welcome to the 5th Annual #NEWLinkedInFeature(s) list.

72+ Captures in the Wild as of 03.28.2024:

27 ✰NEW LinkedIn Feature(s)

41 Updates

2 💀RIPs

3 Deprecations

Thank you to all the Eagle Eyed & Sharing Hearts that assist me in curating #NEWLinkedInFeature, as the pinnacle resource for those who want to keep up with the advances of LinkedIn!

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LinkedIn Rollouts: Feature introductions usually follow a standard 5 Waves: Randomized, Staggered, Timed, & Increasing in Size, so that LinkedIn can evaluate, adjust, sometimes eliminate, and ultimately to reduce any negative impact, unpredicted loads or code collisions that might blow up the platform. Usually a clean rollout is 30 to 90 Days to complete.

Product Feedback: If you would like to be part of making LinkedIn a better platform, miss an old feature, would like to suggest new feature or see improvements to an existing one, then fill out the 2 Feedback forms that make things happen on LinkedIn:

1️⃣ Microsoft’s hidden online LinkedIn Product Group Feedback: https://lnkd.in/gNzpwuR9

2️⃣ LinkedIn’s little known ‘Suggest an improvement” directly to the Product Team: https://lnkd.in/ggXi_bcA

Job Seeker Feedback:jobseeker-feedback@linkedin.com


Keep your eyes peeled for the following potential new features & the Co-Capture in the Wild may be yours:

  • Company page Admins will soon be able to manage Messaging at scale through specialized solutions with an API integration with one of these partners: The Bird CRM, Brandwatch, Hootsuite, Oktopost, Sprinklr & Zoho
  • Gaming: To boost the time people are spending on the platform, LinkedIn is testing a totally new area: gaming with it’s own games calledQueens, “Inference, Crossclimb & Blueprint. By introducing puzzle-based games they aim to add fun, stimulate conversations among users and deepen relationships. They may also be experimenting with player scores being organized by places of work, with companies getting “ranked” by those scores. Heads-Up Provided byNima Owji
  • Replying to contributions: Collaborative articles will be launching the ability to reply to other contributors within collaborative articles! Heads-Up Provided by Nigel Cliffe
  • A new look for collaborative articles on mobile: a redesign to help make it easier for you to read and contribute to articles on the go through our mobile app. Heads-Up Provided by Nigel Cliffe


KEY: ✰ = NEW, ▲ = Update, 💀RIP = Removed, ⛔ = Deprecated (available but not recommended or supported)

Let’s Dive [In]:


▲ ( 1st | 2nd | 3rd ) added directly to the People Search menu, eliminating 2 Additional Steps of the clicking the old (Connections ) filter that opened a pop up menu, required you to select 1 to 3 option(s) and then click (Show results).

Captured in the Wild by Mic Adam



▲ [Daily] AKA the Video Tab, believe it or not has been rolling out since January, available on the iOS mobile app only, and you’ll find the entry point on the bottom navigation bar next to the home tab. (If you’re not seeing it, update your iOS app for the latest version!).

Post [+] icon has been moved to the top of the screen, just to the right of the Search box.

This week began a broader BETA test based on viewing and using the Video tab rolled out and many others with iPhones are seeing the options. The Beta Testers can’t upload video’s directly, but can post a verticle video, like all members can, and then email the community/product team lead, via an email provided to the testers, to get it reviewed for possible inclusion on the tab.

First to post on the mass appearance of the Tab was Dan Roth on Tuesday. What is cool about this Tab is it is native video driven, meaning no 3rd party app is required. Perhaps a forbearer of things to come for live video.

Co-Captured withDan Roth



▲ [Mention]s can once again be shortened on Desktop



✰ ✦AI-powered [Celebrate an occasion] auto detect 🙂 cues in on the words, like Thank You or Congratulations, we use in a post and provides us the options to select one of the celebrations posts that are potentially designed for greater reach:

  • Welcome to the Team – Celebrate a new colleague joining your team.
  • Give Kudos – Recognize an individual or a group of members by sharing how they excelled with your connections or the public.
  • Project Launch – Celebrate starting a new project or a milestone.
  • Work Anniversary – Celebrate your work anniversary.
  • New Position – Share a job update.
  • New Educational Milestone – Share an educational milestone.
  • New Certification – Celebrate completing a new certification.



[Add media] is now limited to up to 50 uploads per location.



▲ [Public profile indexing] controlled workaround tested and proven. When [In] obfuscated the majority of our Public profiles it caused Internet Search Engines not to have a reliable source to index (a situation created to limit X-Ray searches and force more value into investing into Recruiter and Sales Navigator).

This work around is based on using the Top Volunteer position as your Search Engine Indexing statement. It can take over 30 days to Index, unless you turn you Public profile off and then back on again, wich puts you on the index list.



▲ [Top Choice] is expanding eligibility to additional jobs in the coming months as Easy Apply jobs are phasing out.

[Top Choice] is a Premium feature, that launched mid 2023, that allows you to mark the job as a Top Choice Job, which increases your chance of standing out to hirers or recruiters.  Easy Apply jobs are eligible for Top Choice. We plan to expand Top Choice eligibility to additional jobs in the coming months.

Captured in the Wild by Debbie Wemyss



▲ [Connected] Date added back into the Contact Info pop-up within our profile Top cards.

Captured in the Wild by Eli Igra Serfaty



▲ [Custom button] on Company pages, which allowed us to direct traffic to a destination page to help us reach our business goals, is being removed from it’s top and center visual placement and relegated to the overflow section, hidden behind the (•••) More icon

To add insult to injury many Page Admins didn’t get this Warning Message about their main page, they got it to a minor one they manage.

No reason why. Not good for our business on [In].

Britta Behrens 💡noticed on 03.13.2024 that if you disable the Messaging feature on your company page, it will keep the [Custom button] front and center, not hidden behind the (•••) More icon. We will see if this work around still functions after 03.21.2024.

Capture in the Wild by Sarah Clay

POSTED 03.13.2024


[Allow Page owners to export your data]allows Page owners, including Page admins and their authorized third-party developers, to export data related to their organizations’ LinkedIn Pages using the Pages Data Portability API.

You can control whether the owners of Pages you interact with can export information from your profile and your individual interactions. This setting is turned off by default. Go to Settings & Privacy / Visibility / Page owners exporting your data and click the Y/N Toggle  ❍ for (Allow Page owners to export your data)

When the setting is turned on and you interact with an organization’s Page (example: following or mentioning the Page or commenting or reacting to the Page’s post), the organization may be able to export some of your profile information along with those interactions.

POSTED 03.11.2024


[Email visibility]in Settings and Privacy, under Visibility has added a new option

▷ Only visible to me

▷ 1st degree connections

1st and 2nd degree connections (NEW)

▷ Anyone on LinkedIn

Mine was defaulted to (Anyone on LinkedIn)and I know I didn’t choose that option, so it is definitely worth a visit to make sure the right option for you is selected.

Captured in the Wild by Sarah Johnston

POSTED 03.12.2024


[News] Search Filter may be coming to the Post searchprocess but until then you can add:

&contentType=%22news%22 or &contentType=”news”

to the end of your Post searches to get all the News sources approved by LinkedIn including:

Economy / Finance: The Economist, Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, World Economic Forum

Business news: Bloomberg, Business Insider, Entrepreneur Media, Fast Company, Forbes, Harvard Business Review

Tech news: Ars Technica, Computerworld, TechCrunch, Search Engine Land, WIRED

Science news:Live Science, New Scientist, Phys.org

News headlines: The Atlantic, CNBC, CNN, Fox Business Network, Fox News Media, NPR, Sky News, The Telegraph, The Times, USA TODAY, The Washington Post

Press agencies: The Associated Press

News background: The New Yorker, TIME

Political news: Axios, POLITICO

Captured in the Wild by Marjolein Hoekstra



▲ [Sponsorships] are added to Collaborative articles Skills topics with the [i] notification that “Sponsorship does not imply endorsement. LinkedIn’s editorial content maintains complete independence.”

Captured in the Wild by Lynnaire Johnston

POSTED 03.10.2024


LinkedIn Announcement:Increased Interest in Videos on the platform and some guidance.

Captured in the Wild by Tony Restell



✰[Edit photo] 📷 on a Company page post that pulls a Cover photo, from the link in the body of the post, will allow you to replace that image with another, i

ncluding GIFs, while maintaining the click through URL in the new image (even after deleting the link in the post).

Wouldn’t this be cool as a Member post option?

Co-Captured with Gunnar Hood

POSTED 03.05.2024


✰ [Who can follow you] setting give us the option of (Everyone on LinkedIn) & (Your connections).

Choosing “Everyone on LinkedIn” lets people outside your network follow your public updates.

⚠️ If you switch from “Everyone on LinkedIn” to “Your connections” you’ll lose any out-of-network followers you have now. If you have creator mode turned on for your profile, turning this off will also turn creator mode off. Any changes you make will take effect in about 24 hours. ⚠️

✰ [Make follow primary] toggle Yes/No, when enabled, “Follow” will be the primary action when members view your profile. If you have creator mode turned on for your profile, turning this off will also turn creator mode off (and vice-versa).

These options are available in Settings & Privacy, click Visibility, then last option Followers. https://www.linkedin.com/mypreferences/d/followed

Captured in the Wild by Colleen Paulson

POSTED 03.04.2024


▲ [Dashboard] update now shows you your Connections count and any outstanding invites that you should respond too.

POSTED 03.01.2024


✰ [Unhelpful 👎] added to Collaborative articles so Readers who find a contribution to be irrelevant, random, or not valuable to the article, can mark it as unhelpful.

The feedback is private and won’t be shown publicly. If you accidentally mark a comment as unhelpful, you can undo it immediately. Please note that once the page is refreshed, you’ll no longer see the contribution that you marked as unhelpful.

Captured in the Wild by Mark Williams

POSTED 02.26.2024


(Collaborative articles) added to (Post) [🔍 Search] under the filter (Content type ▼) allowing Members to find the Collaborative articles they seek.

Using the filters (Sort by ▼), selecting ◎ (Latest) over the default ◉ (Top match) and in (Date posted) select ◎ (Past 24 hours) or ◎ (Past week), may help Contributor find the newest articles to contribute too which is a competitive advantage for the Badge Seekers.

Wouldn’t it be incredible if expanded to contribution by (From member) so we could support our favorite Authors?

POSTED 02.24.2024


▲ (Articles) & (Newsletters) filters removed from (Post) [🔍 Search].

Captured in the Wild byLuiz Carlos de Oliveira Junior



✰ [Ideas for your next post], a Premium feature, employs Generative AI in consideration of your prior Posts, Engagement, Profile, Skills, Network of Connections & Follower and their Posts & Engagement, plus Trending Topics, to make at 3 Suggestions to spark your next post.

Found in your Analytics section.

Captured in the Wild by The REALDan Roth



✰[Member Data Portability API] created to comply with the Digital Markets Act(DMA), allowing LinkedIn members, located in the European Economic Area and Switzerland, to fetch their LinkedIn data directly through an app. Speeding up the download access time (instant access Vs up to 48 hours).

A LinkedIn Company page is required to create the app and a default LinkedIn Company Page was created especially for requesting access to the Member Data Portability (Member) APIs – Member Data Portability (Member) Default Company. https://www.linkedin.com/company/member-data-portability-member-default-company/about/(do not create or use any other Company page).

Click here for Set Up Details

POSTED 02.23.2024


[Mentions], AKA Tags, have a new look in Articles and Newsletters that may lead to more click throughs. Display is light blue boxes surround a dark blue hyperlink in Light mode and dark gray box with light blue in Dark mode.

Light mode:

Dark mode:

POSTED 02.23.2024


✰ [People you may know] added to the right column to introduce you to suggestions of People of possible interest based on your school, company, industry & job title.

When viewing it from your profile the focus is based on you and when viewing from others’ profiles the focus is based on them. Click the (Show all) to see the category tabs.

Captured in the Wild by Lynne Williams, Ed.D. Candidate

POSTED 02.22.2024


✰[You might like] added to the rightcolumn to introduce you to suggested:Pages, Groups Learning & Newsletters.

Click the (Show all) to see the category tabs.

POSTED 02.22.2024


[Group limitations] updated to restrict Basic accounts, AKA Freemiums, from sending more than 10 Direct Messages in a Monthto other Group Members who they are not connected to already.

We don’t know if this change is made to reduce SPAM within groups, created to put more pressure on Freemiums to upgrade their accounts buy removing opportunities or both. If it is the second reason, its not the way I wished [In] build the value in Premium.

Co-Captured in the Wild by Donald “Louis” Gruver, Jr.&Melanie Goodman

POSTED 02.22.2024


▲ [Catch up] updated to allow us to React and Comment directlywithin the feature.

Captured in the Wild by The RealDan Roth

POSTED 02.18.2024


[Network] page updated by removing ( ↓ Export contacts) option that was used by many as an easier access to download their data, as apposed to locating this option through (Settings & Privacy).

Direct link to (Download my data)

Captured in the Wild by Mary Wu

POSTED 02.19.2024


[Interesting viewers], that launched November 2023, updatedwith new filter( ▢ Senior Leader in your industry)

Captured in the Wild by Sarah Burgess

POSTED 02.16.2024


[Messaging] on Mobile adds (Page inbox(es)) slide up menu.

POSTED 02.10.2024


✰ [Other similar profiles] are generated using a proprietary algorithm designed to help you find profiles with similar experience such as job function on LinkedIn. This feature replaces [People also viewed] starting on February 29th 2024 and doesn’t offer the ability to turn it off.

💀RIP [People also viewed] AKA PAV and its ability to toggle it On or Off. People Also Viewed feature displayed a list of LinkedIn members based on a variety of factors, including profiles that viewers have also looked at, as well as similarities in job titles and industries. It was visible on the right rail of your own or other people’s profiles, and you can also access the feature on the LinkedIn mobile app by scrolling to the bottom of either your or a member’s profile. This feature was designed to significantly increase the likelihood of your profile being discovered and viewed by other members.

Co-Captured in the Wild with Sarah Clay & Perry van Beek

POSTED 02.15.2024


[Services] for less than Business Premium (Business Plus, Business+) account who participate the Service provider program will only display the Services categories:

Freemium up to JobSeeker or Learning Premium

Business Premium & above (as POSTED 1.29.2024):

Co-Captured in the Wild with Gillian Whitney & Eli Igra Serfaty

POSTED 02.13.2024


[ID Verification] through Persona updated to add in 16 more countries, making their total 56 Countries including Cambodia, Costa Rica, Fiji, Grenada, Honduras, Hong Kong, Laos, Mongolia, Nepal, New Zealand, Panama, Paraguay, Singapore, Thailand, Timor-Leste, and Venezuela.

CLEAR Verifies for US, Canada and Mexico

POSTED 02.13.2024


✰ [☰ Reorder] your Skills anywhere you can assign them and each assignment of skills can be of a different order. Just clicl edit ✎, locate Skills then click and drag the ☰ Reorder icon next to the skill, and drop it in its new placement.

POSTED 02.13.2024


[Messaging] Redesigned on desktop for functionality and ease of use:

  • First option ( ▼) allows you to select either (Inbox) or (Focused) & (Other), then (Archived) & (Spam) and that defaults the icon to include your selected option with the ( ▼) You can turn on or off Focused
  • Next 4 Tabs are (Unread), (My Connections), (InMail) and (Starred) and whichever your click on moves to the first position
  • The 2 changes above replaces the Sandwich icon ≡ in the Search Box [ 🔍 Search messages ≡] that provided the same options
  • More icon (…) in top right corner of 1st column provides the dropdown options of (Manage conversations), (Message request inbox), (Update away message) & (Manage settings)
  • [Page inboxes] move to the right side columnand open directly in the Company page messaging system

POSTED 02.07.2024


✰ [✦Write with AI] messaging, a Premium feature, will compare your profile with the other Members profile for points of connectivity, even if you’re are not directly connected, to help craft (or rewrite) an introductory message using AI around (Introduce yourself), (Ask about <Name>’s time at <Current Company>), Ask about <Name>’s time at <Past Company>), or (Ask about Job opportunities).

This feature is based on a similar one developed for LinkedIn Talent SolutionsRecruiter services that launched late last year.

My personal experiment, using this new feature, was to send the 1st AI written example to Naman Goel, Senior Director of Product Design at LinkedIn. Lets see how it does.

Interesting enough, this feature technically goes against [In]’s own Best practices for content created with the help of AIbecause it doesn’t “let others know (if it isn’t obvious from the context) if you’ve relied heavily on AI to help create or modify the content.”

Do you think it should have a disclaimer?

POSTED 02.06.2024 (15)


Competitor tab of Company page redesigned for Follower metrics that had 3 columns:Page, Total Followers & New Followershas become a

2 Column page, without column headers, showing the Page in the first column and then a corresponding total Followers and a ▲ ▼ % Change.

Captured in the wild by Eli Igra Serfaty

POSTED 02.04.2024


[Creator mode] is changing in the following ways:

February 2024

  • [Profile topics] AKA Talks about will be removed to simplify the introduction section of your profile.

March 2024

  • Creator mode (On/Off) ❍ toggle will be removed from the Resources section of your profile.
  • Your About section will move to the top of your profile so that people can easily grasp your professional story.
  • You will have the option to choose Follow or Connect as the main CTA on your profile – your CTA will remain Follow unless you update it.

Captured in the Wild by Leanne Di Fazio

POSTED 02.01.2024

💡 BONUS [In]SIGHTS: #’s still work well to control your feed. [In] is just playing them down because they interfere with their ability to algorithmically control what they FEED us. Bookmark your # page for easy one click access: https://www.linkedin.com/mynetwork/network-manager/hashtags/


[Skills], on January 4th 2024, we informed you of the update in Help description would allows up to 100 (was up to 50) and today I was able to add my 51st Skill.

POSTED 01.30.2024


▲[Services] that moved from our Top cards earlier this month to their own section below out About summary has expanded, to show rich media, description, services, 5 ⭐️ Ratings, top written Recommendation & a (Show all ➔) link back to our Services page.

POSTED 1.29.2024


▲ [Multi-image posts] Display formatting shows how posts with 2, 3, or 4+ images will be presented going forward.

Captured in the Wild by Xavier degrauX

POSTED 01.29.2024


Deprecations: Hashtags will continue to be available but not recommended or supported. Its rumored deprecation is based # interfering with what LinkedIn feels they can algorithmically deliver for the Member.

POSTED 01.26.2024


✰[Drafts on this device] is a filter added to Mobile Messaging that will allow us to view all drafted messages in one inbox. Accessible from the mobile messaging [🔍Search  ≡ ] behind the ≡

Captured in the Wild by Melanie Goodman

POSTED 1.26.2024 (14)


✰[View employees in recommended jobs]added to the [People you may know based on your recent activity] resource on our (My Network) tab to show us employees within our network reach who have similar titles to our recommended jobs. This could help Job Seekers identify potential people to network and build a trusted relationship with to get a better understanding of the opportunity, to understand how they are positioned or potentially become our internal champion.

To be included in the [People you may know based on your recent activity] resource, LinkedIn selects Members for who are active and more likely open to networking based on their activity, so this could be an excellent Follow 1st, engage & build a relationship with list for Job Seekers.

Captured in the Wild by THE REALDan Roth

POSTED 01.24.2024 (13)


[Skills assign] redesignedto show 💎 up to 2 skills and then +XX skills which links like the …see more in the old design.

Captured in the Wild by Mark White

POSTED 01.23,2024


Try the new Windows app pop-upenticing Members to try the desktop app designed specifically for Windows users from the Microsoft Store. This app allows you to sign into LinkedIn and access it easily from the Start menu, Taskbar, or Action Center.

Launched originally in 2017.

OS: Windows 10 version 17763.0 or higher Architecture: x86, x64


Captured in the Wild by Jeff Young

POSTED 01.22.2024


✰[Sponsored article gateway]from LinkedIn Marketing, a for profit feature, allows an article to have a pop-up Lead-Gen form, with a CTA button, like “Unlock this article”, that requires the reading Member to sign-up to continue reading.

When a Company page (or one of its recognized Employees) posts an article to LinkedIn, the Page admins have the option to promote it, with targeted filters, and include this Sponsored article gateway. Companies that use LinkedIn’s Lead-Gen forms agree to abide by LinkedIn data handling and privacy policies and their company policy link would appear in the lead form.

It is rumored that [Sponsored article gateway] will be available to all Members soon.

Mock-up of a Member Content Creator use of the

Co-Captured in the Wild w/ Wendy Schoen, MBA, JD

POSTED 01.21.204 (12)


✰[Use camera] has been added to the Profile photo edit (Add photo)with the previous option of (Upload photo). Available on both Mobile & Desktop.

Is this another sign of the platform embracing Native video processing?

Will or should Microsoft’s ✦AI-powered Designer Filters, like Remove Background, Solid Color Background, or Picture Enhance (Digital Botox & Eye/Teeth Whitener) be added to augment the basic photo editing tool?

BLAST FROM THE PAST: When [Profile photo] first launched in September 2007 and until 2012 we had both options to (Use camera) or (Upload photo).

Captured in the Wild by Jeff Young

POSTED 01.19.2024 (11)


✰(Add to calendar) is now part of LIVE & Audio EventsTop card and also as an email reminder, so we don’t miss any of those important events we signed up for by clicking (Attend).

LIVE & Audio EventsTop card

Email Reminder

Co-Captured in the Wild w/ Gillian Whitney

POSTED 01.19.2024 (10)


[I’m Interested] the one click way to let an employer who displays this option know that you are interested in working for them, has now been updated by adding it towards the bottom of the Job descriptions in desktop and a near the top on Mobile.

Normally this option is found on the About tab of a participating Company page.



✰[Job collections] an ✦AI-powered feature, using LLMs, that was designed to help Members find relevant job opportunities and may broaden the job options by curating relative jobs across a variety of industries and companies that the Member may have been unaware of during their search.

Slide Job collections to the right or left to see more options.

POSTED 01.18.2024 (9)


✰(Preferences) allows a single place to set our employment preferences. It is located at the top of the Jobs tab on mobile and on the left rail on desktop. Once you set your [Preferences], LinkedIn will highlight them in green on every job details page so you can quickly determine if it aligns with your ideals.

At launch it includes: Employment type (Full-time, Part-time, Contract, …… Seasonal), Location type (Remote, Hybrid, On-site) and Pay that allows you to set a minimum pay preference in the United States.

LinkedIn plans to add more preferences to the page in the future.



POSTED 01.18.2024 (8)


💀RIP X (AKA Twitter) that was removed form the Partners program hastily last year ~11.11.2023 and remained in our Top card Contact info, with no way to edit, was automatically removed this week.

Captured in the Wild by Brenda Meller 🥧

POSTED 01.18.2024

Previous 2023 💀RIP around X (AKA Twitter)


✰(Content type ▼) filter added to (Post ▼) Searches with the ability to sort by ◯ Video, ◯ Images, ◯ Job posts, ◯ Newsletters, ◯ Live videos, ◯ Documents.

POSTED 01.15.2024 (7)


[Public profile] is now missing our [Headline] and only shows the first line, 69 Spaces, of your full [About] summary.

Search for yourself on the internet and see the results are now generic, containing only your Name, Company, Location, Followers, & Connections count.

Last month, 12.27.2023, I exposed that our [Experience] sections were being blurred out, so search engines couldn’t index them.

It’s likely, this is by design, and a push to make more money. By blocking this info from being indexed by Search engines, it forces more people to have to buy into Recruiter and Sales Navigator to find the right people. No more X-Ray searches from the outside to find the right people.

Co-Captured with Marcel van der Meer

POSTED 01.16.2024


▲ Feed response icons are being updated to a lighter, crisper look.

POSTED 01.14.2024


[Events Request] is a HELP contact exclusively to support the Hosts of LinkedIn LIVE and Audio Events (for both Personal profile & Company page)

Captured in the Wild byBeth Granger

POSTED 1.11.2024


✰[Events recommended for you] may appear in your Feed, allowing you to slide to the left and back to see 3 Events, with a 4th screen to (Show more ➔) that leads to vertical scroll of recommended events.

Captured in the Wild by Ariel Serber

POSTED 1.10.2024 (6)


✰[LIVE video tab]now allows us to navigate away from a LinkedIn LIVE and have the micro version of the video follow us in the LIVE tab (that use to just keep us connected to the audio portion of the event).

Captured in the Wild by Ariel Serber

POSTED 1.10.2024 (5)


[Is this notification useful?] give us the chance to shape our notification by providing basic 👍 or 👎 feed back (probably impacts our Feed too) and you can (Undo) it too.

Co-Captured in the Wild w/ Xavier degrauX

POSTED 1.10.2024 (4)


[LinkedIn Page Request]is a HELP contact exclusively to support LinkedIn pages (Company pages)

Captured in the Wild by Melanie Goodman



▲ [Ads] placement updated to include on Profile placement, in [Highlights] section (as seen on Mobile)

Captured in the Wild by Cosmina Coman ✔

POSTED 01.09.2024


✰[Daily] is a personalized, immersive, short-form video experience designed to help people learn from LinkedIn instructors and experts on a daily basis. Available on the LinkedIn Learning app using a native video process.

  • Swipe vertically to explore and watch videos from LinkedIn Learning instructors
  • Videos are tailored to your interests and learning goals
  • Double-tap or click the lightbulb icon to express interest in a video
  • Follow instructors and skills to connect with more content.
  • Questions are integrated to track learning
  • Viewers can earn credits towards their streak when they watch at least two minutes of videos to track their progress

If all goes well within LinkedIn Learning it is expected to roll out to all of LinkedIn under the Creator mode’s Creator tools. Functionality appears to be similar to Stories that was removed shortly after launch.

POSTED1.08.2024 (3)


[Profile topics] AKA ‘Talks about’ the up to 5 personally chosen Hashtags that Creator mode allowed us to display in our Top card, may no longer show onDesktop. ✅ FIXED ON 01.12.2024

Was (pre 01.08.2024):

Now (after 01.08.2024):

Still viewable on in Mobile, all Search results or our Creator mode Analytics & toolspage:

Could be temporary and will update if they return.

Captured in the Wild by John Espirian



[Skills]Updated in Help description to allow up to 100 (was up to 50). Noted in 2 HELP updates posted on January 4th 2024.


POSTEDCaptured in the Wild by RICH MARSH



[Providing services] location on Profile is moving from Top Card to its own section just below our About summaries and will be titled [Services].

Will this make it less obvious or harder to discover by our Profile Visitors and potential Clients?

Captured in the Wild byEli Igra Serfaty



✰[Who’s viewed your profile since this post] added to Premium analytics.

For Premium members, this section displays the profile viewers you received within the first month after you published your post, starting from the day after you posted. You can click

‘Show all’ to expand the list to display up to 100 of your recent profile viewers (subject to their privacy settings). The most recent viewers will be at the bottom of the list. This section will not appear once your post is older than 90 days.

Captured in the Wild byLIAM DARMODYᵍᵐ

POSTED1.04.2024 ( 2 )


[+Follow suggestions] are now appearing in our Feed, displaying their Profile photo, [First name], first 3 (Talks about) hashtags and sporting a (+ Follow) button.



✰[Send speaker reminder] added to Events, so the Host had a secondary way to prompt Speakers to accept with a (Send as group) or (Send separately) option.

Captured in the Wild by Brenda Meller 🥧

POSTED 1.03.,2023 ( 1 )


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