Growth Product Manager

Job Description

Two Barrels



Two Barrels is hiring a Growth Product Manager to join our PM team. You will be a traditional company employee. This is a full time 40 hour M-F position with company benefits. We have offices in Spokane, WA; Austin, TX; and Salt Lake, UT.

Two Barrels is organized via products. We run a little over 50 products and our products are only as good as an inspired product group. We are in search of an experienced Growth Product Manager to lead our Notification Tool, a critical component in our platform aimed at revolutionizing how we engage with our customers. This role demands collaboration with cross-functional teams to refine notification efficiency, improve customer on-boarding, boost engagement, and overall, enhance our product offerings. With a commitment to innovation and enhancing customer experience, we aim to drive our growth while ensuring we don’t become annoying when our clients receive personalized, actionable insights through our emerging notification system.

The ideal candidate will possess a blend of technical expertise, strategic thinking, and a customer-centric mindset to elevate our notification strategies – while maintaining our clients privacy. Our hope is that you won’t be afraid to fail and when you do fail you have something new in your magical pouch to throw at the problem.


Remote | Spokane – Austin – SLC |


Full Time


$100,000 – $120,000/year


  • Strategize and implement enhancements to the Notification Tool to optimize efficiency, reduce support load, and personalize customer communications
  • Spearhead A/B testing and experimentation to continuously improve notification effectiveness and customer satisfaction
  • Develop a multi-channel communication strategy, integrating email, SMS, and app notifications, to meet diverse customer preferences and enhance engagement
  • Drive customer engagement through tailored notifications, including compliance alerts, personalized tips for business growth, and opportunities, leveraging our Notification Tool
  • Lead the development and integration of our notifications system to support and leverage our comprehensive business management platform
  • Drive and optimize conversion funnels or fly wheels
  • Develop feedback loops and viral growth
  • Move quickly to improve the product iteratively
  • Willing to take on new challenges
  • Gather feedback from clients and employees/stakeholders to continuously improve products and the processes
  • Communicate across all 2Barrels and operations teams to lead projects and gain traction
  • Sift your way through all this nonsense and just get stuff done how you see fit for your product

Minimum Qualifications:

  • 3+ years of experience working as a product manager in a sass or marketing environment
  • Ability to read data, understand it, and use it to drive growth
  • Solid understanding of software development processes and the ability to work closely with engineering teams.
  • Experience in life-cycle management; from conception to launch, and iterative improvement based on user feedback and data analytics
  • Experience in designing user experiences focused on maximizing customer engagement and satisfaction – this includes familiarity with UX/UI principles, customer journey mapping, and personalization techniques
  • Resource allocation skills
  • Demonstrated fluency in tools like JIRA, and Confluence
  • Experience creating roadmaps
  • Not afraid to sprinkle a little unicorn dust and see if it sticks

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in product management, engineering, computer Science or other equivalent degree/certificate
  • Proven track record in managing digital products, especially those centered around customer engagement, notifications, or communication platforms
  • You understand the different communication channels (email, SMS, push notifications, social media) and experience in creating integrated, multi-channel engagement strategies
  • Knowledge of APIs, database management, and basic programming skills
  • Can put your marketing hat on

Why you might like this job:

You love to see things grow, kinda like a Chia Pet. You’ve pondered ways notifications can be more useful but less annoying. You want to make a real impact on customers through innovative growth strategies and not be restricted by red tape.