How Mentoring Can Empower Women in the Workplace – MiddleMe

How Mentoring Can Empower Women in the Workplace – MiddleMe

In recent years, movements for women’s empowerment in all aspects of life have gained momentum. There are now calls for women to get the same opportunities as their male counterparts, especially in leadership positions. While most companies are now open to making these opportunities happen for women and have women in key positions, some companies still need to catch up in opening opportunities for their female employees.

If your company is in this situation or you want to improve its openness to helping female employees succeed, consider having a mentorship program. A mentorship program allows individuals to get additional support, usually through the help of a mentor, on a variety of topics. In the workplace, mentors can provide support on issues like career development, skill advancement, and overall support.

If your company does not have a mentorship program yet, here are several benefits of how mentoring can empower women in the workplace to inspire you to start one:

Develops Perspectives

Throughout history, women have been expected to support men and are not allowed to hold high leadership positions. They are also taught in some areas not to be aggressive and to stay silent even if they have something important to say. As a result, it is hard for women to speak out and often doubt their capabilities. Women who are outspoken and aggressive in achieving their goals are also seen as pariahs in their workplace.

A mentorship program allows them to change their perspective immensely and see that their thoughts and opinions matter. Mentors can also give them the proper feedback and support to help them grow, building their confidence. Men, especially those who assist in the mentorship program, will also be open to helping their female colleagues perform to their best abilities and inspire others to give them a chance.

Provide Support

It is not uncommon to see some women self-advocate for their rights. However, it is often common for them to be ignored by their company because of the distractions they make, even if they are fighting for what is right. Women are also hesitant to speak about their career goals because they still determine who to lean on to get the right advice.

Mentorship programs can support female workers and help them become more vocal. Their mentors can also help them explore avenues to achieve their goals, especially if they want to be in leadership. They may also be able to provide insights on how female workers can overcome any gender biases in their team and build a strategy for overcoming them.

Create a Neutral Space

Some women are afraid to speak out about their ambitions and thoughts about the company. There are many reasons why they are so scared, from how they were taught to the fear of being reprimanded for speaking out. A mentorship program can serve as a neutral space for them and allow them to explore without fearing reprimands or criticism. Female mentees can speak out clearly about their concerns if the mentors are women.

Skill Development

Mentoring programs can also help female employees improve their skills, which is critical in helping them succeed in their current roles and future careers. Mentors can share their experiences and expertise and recommend the right people to help their mentees hone their skills and provide the correct feedback. Mentors can even help mentees get the right resources to hone their study further and identify what other skills they should develop to be well-rounded individuals.

For working mothers, those having trouble achieving a work-life balance, or those facing challenging life situations, mentors can provide advice on how to navigate through work while still having time with their loved ones or breathing to clear their minds.

Boost Confidence

Since women cannot speak out more easily about their career goals and act to achieve them, their confidence levels could be much higher than their male counterparts. However, if they are given role models – in the form of their mentors or other women who succeeded in their respective careers – it may inspire these women to try their best and be more confident. With a mentor, these female employees will get the encouragement they need that will encourage them.

Opens Networking Opportunities

Mentorship programs can help female employees make the right connections that will help them meet their new role models and get other insights into the careers they wish to pursue. Mentors can host events to allow these networking opportunities and even recommend individually based on their mentee’s needs. Some networking opportunities can open doors for female workers to consider if they wish to advance in their careers and speak to the right person to help them.

Helps with Career Advancement & Development

Female employees can also gain help in honing their careers through mentorship programs. Mentors can sit down with them to discuss their jobs, what opportunities they can explore, how they can plan their career shifts, and many other things. They can also serve as their mentee’s reference if they wish to apply to a different company or advocate their promotion or inclusion in critical projects. Thanks to their mentor’s experience, female mentees will have a better chance of achieving their goals despite all the challenges they may face due to their gender.

Women can also help make a difference in any industry if they can grow and contribute to the company’s success. They can also help diversify the company, allowing it to see different perspectives on how it can grow. So, if you are a manager or a team leader, feel free to offer mentoring to your female workers. They will definitely reciprocate in kind to show their thanks for giving them the opportunity.

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