How Can I Upgrade My Resume to Get Better Results? |

How Can I Upgrade My Resume to Get Better Results? |

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

I’ve coalesced a lot of my thinking about writing a great resume into into a single answer.

You Need to Fix Stupid Hiring.

As a job seeker, crafting a compelling resume is crucial to standing out in a competitive market. In this blog, I’ll share practical tips to help you upgrade your resume and improve your chances of getting noticed by potential employers. From optimizing the visual presentation to highlighting your most relevant skills and accomplishments, I’ll guide you through the process of creating a resume that showcases your strengths and aligns with the specific job you’re applying for.

Mastering the Cosmetics: Making Your Resume Visually Appealing

While the content of your resume is undoubtedly the most important factor, the visual presentation can also play a significant role in capturing the attention of hiring managers. Start by selecting a font size that is easy to read, typically no smaller than 12 points. Remember, the individuals reviewing your resume may be older than you, so it’s essential to ensure they can comfortably read the text.

Bullet points are a great way to organize and highlight your key responsibilities and achievements, but be mindful not to overuse them. Striking a balance between concise, impactful bullet points and well-structured paragraphs can help create a visually appealing and easy-to-scan resume.

When it comes to font choices, consider options like Calibri, Georgia, or Helvetica, which are both professional and easy on the eyes. Avoid using too much bolding, as it can make your resume appear cluttered and overwhelming. Instead, reserve bold formatting for specific elements, such as your job titles or the names of organizations you’ve worked for.

Crafting a Compelling Header

The header of your resume is the first thing a hiring manager will see, so it’s important to make a strong impression. Include your name, city, state, and zip code, as well as phone numbers where you can be reached. Ensure that you check your voicemail regularly and respond promptly to any missed calls, as this demonstrates your professionalism and responsiveness.

Highlighting Your Achievements and Fit for the Role

When describing your roles and responsibilities, focus on quantifying your accomplishments whenever possible. Provide metrics such as dollars saved, dollars earned, or percentages of improvement compared to the average. This helps hiring managers understand the tangible impact you’ve had in your previous roles.

If specific metrics are not available, you can still demonstrate your above-average performance by comparing your achievements to industry standards or the average performance of your peers. This shows that you think in the language of business, which is data-driven.

It’s crucial to ensure that your resume and LinkedIn profile are congruent, as hiring managers often cross-reference the two. Customize your resume for each job you apply for, ensuring that you address the specific requirements and qualifications outlined in the job description.

Optimizing for a Quick Review

Understand that hiring managers often spend mere seconds reviewing each resume, typically no more than two page-downs on a computer screen. This means that the most relevant and impactful information needs to be prominently displayed at the top of your resume.

Avoid including details about roles or experiences from the distant past, as they are less likely to be relevant to the current position you’re applying for. Instead, focus on highlighting your most recent and relevant accomplishments, as these will be the primary factors that determine whether you move forward in the hiring process.

Customizing Your Resume for Each Application

To ensure that your resume stands out, it’s essential to customize it for each job you apply for. Carefully review the job description and identify the key skills, qualifications, and experiences the employer is seeking. Then, tailor your resume to demonstrate how your background aligns with those requirements.

By taking the time to customize your resume, you’ll show the hiring manager that you’re a strong fit for the specific role, rather than just submitting a generic, one-size-fits-all document.

Conclusion: Upgrade Your Resume, Upgrade Your Job Search

Upgrading your resume is a crucial step in improving your job search results. By focusing on the visual presentation, highlighting your achievements, and customizing your resume for each application, you’ll increase your chances of capturing the attention of hiring managers and moving forward in the recruitment process.

Remember, a well-crafted resume is not just a document – it’s a powerful tool that can open doors to new opportunities and help you take the next step in your career. So, take the time to upgrade your resume, and watch as your job search gains momentum.

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