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In the current job market, it is usual for professionals to hop from one company to another to achieve their career objectives. The length of stay in a company can vary significantly, with most individuals staying for a year or two. However, it is not uncommon for first-time employees to stick around for only three months or less.

Some people choose to quit their first job right away for several reasons, ranging from low wages to new circumstances. These reasons are all understandable. However, since they will need to apply for another job, some individuals worry about its negative impact on their chances of getting hired.

It is difficult to determine if quitting your first job after 3 months will be bad for your resume. However, if you are considering leaving your position after 3 months, here are the pros and cons of doing so to determine whether you should proceed.

Pros of Showing Your Job History

Here are the pros of showing your job history during your application and how you can overcome the fact that you left your position after three months.

  • Open Opportunities For Better Pay

The job market can be pretty competitive, and companies want the best people in their employ first. Suppose your resume shows you have the suitable skill set the company is looking for. In that case, you can negotiate for better pay and benefits even if you left the previous company after a short period. The company may even use the information you provide them about your last benefits to tweak their own to attract more talent.

  • Explore New Roles Or Industries

Was your previous job something you were not really interested in doing for a long time? If that is a yes, you can try out new roles in the same industry as you are in or in a different industry. You should take the time to research these options and see how well you can fair in these opportunities, as well as know the salary you can expect. When you submit your application, you can explain in your cover letter that your previous job was outside the industry you originally wanted to be in.

  • Help You Achieve A Better Work-Life Balance

If your previous job didn’t allow you to take breaks or clock out on time, you can get away with it on your resume. You can speak to your prospective employer about your ideal workload and ask if they would allow a more flexible setup. It may also appear as a good job move if you leave a position quickly if it is terrible for your overall health. 

It is tough to work in a position you are not passionate about and find ways to succeed. But if you find the right opportunity to pursue it, it is not difficult to make the jump even if you have only been employed for three months. You can explain during your application that you are passionate about the position you are applying for and that you have the right credentials to succeed in it despite your employment history.

Cons of Showing Your Job History

Here are the possible setbacks you may face if you include your job history, especially the position you left after three months, and how you can overcome it:

  • Your Loyalty As An Employee May Be Questioned

Companies want employees who will be loyal to them for a long time. If they see that you left the position after three months, they may think that you are someone who will only stay in the company for a short time. You are also a flight risk regardless of your skill set and potential value. If you decide to apply for the position, you will need to be ready to answer questions as to why you left the position in a professional manner. Alternatively, you can leave this position off your resume if you are not confident or ready to discuss the reasons for your resignation.

  • It Will Put Your Financial Stability At Risk

Whether you earn the right wages or not in your present job, resigning immediately can spell trouble for your finances. You will need to support yourself as you wait for the right job offer or a job interview call, and there is no guarantee you will get a job immediately after you resign. Before you resign, ensure you have enough money to stave you off as you apply for employment and even do side jobs to help your finances.

  • Your Health Insurance May Be Stopped

If your current employer pays your health insurance and benefits, they will terminate it once you leave the company. Some companies even require workers to reach a 90-day attendance before they are qualified to receive benefits. Ensure that your finances are in order and you can pay any medical bills you may incur during your job-hunting time.

It is best to look into your existing contract to see if there are any penalties if you terminate it early. Some may even have legal stipulations, such as not being able to apply for a position related to the one you just vacated for a specific amount of time or being able to share information with your new employer. If you are found guilty of these acts, you may get sued and, even worse, blacklisted in the industry you want to work in. So, sit down with a lawyer before you resign to see how you can resign without legal complications.

It’s important to understand that each individual’s job situation is unique. However, if you are finding that your current job isn’t working out even after three months, it’s time to be proactive. You must be prepared for the potential repercussions and make the necessary adjustments to your job applications to ensure you are the right candidate.

Remember that prospective employers are looking for the best person for the job. If you cannot provide a legitimate reason for leaving your current position, it will hurt your chances of landing your dream job.

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